Natural Wood Bathroom

5 Ways to Use Wood in Your Bathroom Design

Everything natural is always popular. Since you are spending lot of time in bathroom on barefoot and naked, you want to feel only natural materials. Wood in probably on of the best material, you can experience, because its warm, personal and customisable.

# 1. There are many ways of using wood, start with floor

Solution with biggest impact is wooden floor. With modern technologies of protecting wood agains moisture, you can build up very durable wooden floor that is also non-slippery and can be heated. It is still no widely used idea, but it should be more popular. You can use teak for most durable and dark solution – yes it is exactly the same wood that is used in yachts and sailboats and it if you oil it once per year, it will stay beautiful for years. It will make huge difference for you feet, if you can use wooden floor even in your bathroom.

Wooden floor in bathroom
Wooden floor in bathroom

Tip #2 – Unique furniture

Another solution is furniture. You can build perfect counter or washbasin pedestal of wood and you will get unique and very individual solution for your bathrooms. Take a look at this example and you will understand, what we mean. Begin withs simple shelve for your personal items and you will be amazed, how things change. Now you can proceed with building your own unique washbasin table and overall look of the bathroom gets much more complex and interesting.

If you think, it will be too difficult to find right material, then forget it. You really need just good oils to finish final layer and almost each type of wood is suitable for building bathroom furniture, if it is properly finished.

Wooden counter for washbasin
Wooden counter for washbasin

Tip #3 – Decoration

You are used to have some small plants in your bathroom. Don’t be so modest, just add huge tree to bathroom and everything looks totally different. It’s can be even easier to maintain and water, because many trees are more durable for temperature changes than plants.

Tree in bathroom


Tip #4 – Wood for seating

Sometimes you need stool, to rest your feet. It’s also practical… but, plastic stool in bathroom is disaster and doesn’t look too inspiring. We have better option – cut on nice piece from huge log and you will get most comfortable and stylish seating to your bathroom.

Wooden seat


Tip #5 – Wood for walls

You can buy thermally strengthened wood form local DIY shop. After this level of protection, wood is very resistant to moist, wet and chemical, which mean it can be used as bathroom building material and you can even use it as wall panels behind shower or bathtub. Check the cover photo of this post and you will understand, what we are talking about.

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